FAQs about the GOC
FAQs about the GOC

Frequently Asked Questions About the Validity of the Church of the Genuine Orthodox Christians of Greece, Otherwise Known as the Greek Old Calendarists
Demetrios Alibertis
ISBN 978‒1‒938943‒14‒0

Despite the open history of the Greek Old Calendar movement, which anyone can access, the Greek Old Calendarists have been maligned by the Œcumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople and by the Church of Greece on account of their refusal to accept the calendar innovation and, subsequently, the contratraditional Ecumenistic tendencies of these same Chur­ches. The purpose of this book is to bring awareness to the reality of the situation of the Greek Old Calendarists, including their legitimate Hierarchical Consecrations from the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad. To make it easier to follow, this work is arranged according to frequently asked questions that are usually posed concerning the validity of the Greek Old Calendar Church. While it is not possible for a work of this size to cover all relevant topics and these in the detail required, we address the most common issues with as much detail as space allows. We have been thorough with the referencing, so that all interested may continue in their quest for answers. Finally, we would like to make clear that this book is not intended to offend anyone or to throw fault at those responsible; rather, its goal is to bring truth to the forefront, as only this will set us free from all misconceptions and errors.

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